About us and our services

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Child and Adolescent Community Health (CACH) is a service available to all children and their parents or carers within the Perth metropolitan area, providing evidence based services that are designed to promote good health during childhood and adolescence.

CACH offers child health assessments, screening, immunisation, support and advice to every child born in the Perth metropolitan area. Additional services are offered to families who might need them, including children with developmental delay, Aboriginal families, refugee families and families in need of additional support.

In cases where additional support is required, CACH provides this through more intensive contact with families and/or by referring families to other specialist services (such as general practitioners or hospitals).

CACH works in partnership with children, parents or carers and other key people in a child’s life to create a strong and resilient network of support for each child to enable them to reach their developmental potential. CACH also has a focus on working collaboratively to develop research and partnerships, with a range of government and non-government providers of child and family health and supportive services.

Find out more: Key Priorities 2016-2018 (PDF 778KB).