Child health

Front cover of Purple Book

Child Health Services offer a universal schedule of child health and developmental assessments to every child in the metropolitan area at key developmental ages.

Targeted and specialist programs are also offered which support parents/carers to optimise the health, wellbeing and development of the infant/child.

The Personal Health Record

The Personal Health Record (commonly called the 'Purple Book') is WA Health’s free, parent-held child health record, provided to every child in the state.

The book allows maternity hospital staff, community health nurses, general practitioners and other health professionals to work in partnership with parents, with the aim of documenting a child’s health and development.

The Purple Book health checks changed on 1 July 2017. For more information on the changes visit (external site)

To reflect these changes, updated Purple Book have been provided to parents of newborns since July 2017. Families with an existing Purple Book are being given a 'catch-up' pack for their book at their next child health appointment. 

Child Health Appointments

Families can register for their Child Health appointment (external site)

Child Health Centre locations