SMHS Board Member Yvonne Parnell

South Metropolitan Health Service Board Member Ms Yvonne Parnell
South Metropolitan Health Service Board Member Yvonne Parnell

The patient experience is everything, according to SMHS Board Member Yvonne Parnell.

Yvonne is an experienced CEO within the community sector and was previously a senior corporate executive.

Her involvement in consumer and community engagement in health dates back over a decade having most recently served on the North Metropolitan Health Service Governing Council.

“A board role seemed a natural progression and I’m honoured to have been appointed to South Metro,” Yvonne said.

She said safe, high quality and responsive care must be the focus in every hospital, every day.

“Ultimately, the health service is judged by the people who use it and it is our role, not just the Board or Executive, but everyone, to ensure the public knows its health service is in good hands.”

Yvonne said her focus would be on building a culture of respect, cooperation and teamwork combined with a passion for excellence where everyone feels not only valued but integral to what is happening.

“There is clear evidence that organisational culture, teamwork and clinical engagement affect patient outcomes, organisational performance and financial outcomes,” she said.

“I intend to use my skills and knowledge to help guide the creation of a robust system that supports all of these objectives.”

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