South Metropolitan Health Service hospital network

The South Metropolitan Health Service (SMHS) delivers quality, safe and effective hospital and health services within a catchment area stretching 5000 square kilometres across the southern half of Perth.

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Fiona Stanley Hospital

Fiona Stanley Hospital in Murdoch is Western Australia’s flagship health facility. It is the major tertiary hospital in the south metropolitan area and offers comprehensive health care services to communities south of Perth and across the State.

It has 783 beds and offers a comprehensive range of services including:

  • general medical and surgery
  • sub-acute services including rehabilitation and aged care 
  • comprehensive cancer services 
  • the State burns service
  • the State rehabilitation service
  • emergency care
  • maternity, paediatric and neonate services.

Fiona Stanley Hospital also manages the Rottnest Island Nursing Post, which provides services to the island’s tourist population.

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Fremantle Hospital and Health Service
Fremantle Hospital is a high-performing 300-bed specialist hospital focussed on providing a range of first-class services including:
  • mental health 
  • aged care 
  • secondary rehabilitation 
  • palliative care
  • elective surgery 
  • specialist medical services.

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Fremantle Hospital and Health Service website (external website)

Peel Health Campus

Peel Health Campus is a 140-bed public hospital and is managed in partnership with private provider Ramsay Health Care. It provides emergency, medical and surgical services including obstetrics, paediatrics, same day procedures, rehabilitation and aged care, renal dialysis, chemotherapy and palliative care.

Peel Health Campus is a Public Hospital operated by a private company, Ramsay Health Care Limited. The Campus is not a 'tertiary' hospital and does not have intensive care facilities.

Patients in need of specialised care are transferred to a metropolitan tertiary centre such as Fiona Stanley Hospital or King Edward Memorial Hospital.

Rockingham Peel Group

Rockingham Peel Group incorporates Rockingham General Hospital, Murray District Hospital, Community Mental Health Services and the Mandurah Community Health Centre.

Rockingham General Hospital is a 242-bed* general hospital, offering a range of quality health services including:

  • general medicine and surgery
  • specialist medical and surgical services
  • sub-acute services including rehabilitation and aged care&
  • mental health (adult and older adult)
  • emergency care
  • chemotherapy, oncology and haematology
  • maternity, paediatric and neonate.

Murray District Hospital will continue to provide inpatient medical services as well as palliative care and allied health services.

*including Murray District Hospital beds

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