Child abuse and neglect – training

SPOCC works with Health Service Providers to ensure that WA Health system employees are aware of, and understand, their obligations around child abuse and neglect.

All training offered by SPOCC is free and open to all WA Health system employees, as well as to other government and non-government workers in the health and welfare sectors.

2018 training calendars

  • Workplace sessions available to WA Health system staff on request.

Video conferencing

Arrangements can be made for regional and remote areas to video conference into training and information events.

Online information sessions

Mandatory reporting of child sexual abuse

All doctors, nurses and midwives being paid by WA Health must complete a mandatory reporting of child sexual abuse information session within three months of commencing their employment with WA Health.

The mandatory reporting information session (external site) can only be accessed from the WA Health intranet.

WA Health monitors compliance. WA Health system employees are required to provide an "Acknowledgement of Completion" certificate to their line manager.

WA Health system employees unable to complete the online training may contact the SPOCC Unit to attend a face-to-face information session or complete the Child Protection and Family Support online session (external site). The results page must be provided to the line manager and emailed to the SPOCC Unit.

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