About the Epidemiology branch

The Epidemiology branch is responsible for the collection and analysis of a wide range of population health data.

This information is used by researchers and planners to identify and track health trends, ensuring the most efficient and effective use of Western Australia’s valuable health resources.

The branch provides:

  • health profiles
  • burden of disease measures
  • population-based surveys
  • statistical advice and interpretation
  • evaluation of health interventions and health outcomes
  • mapping of infrastructure, health facilities and boundaries
  • spatial analysis.

Requests for specific population-based information can be made to the Epidemiology branch by completing a data request form (Word 124KB) and emailing it to epi@health.wa.gov.au  The form indicates the types of information available from the branch.

Requests may attract a charge. Read more about these charges the Epidemiology branch charging policy (PDF 53KB).

More information

Epidemiology branch
Level 3 Block C
189 Royal St 

Phone: 9222 2496
Fax: 9222 4055
Email epi@health.wa.gov.au