About the Healthy Options WA Policy

The OD 0627/15 Healthy Options WA: Food and Nutrition Policy for WA Health Services and Facilities (external site) (the Healthy Options WA Policy) was first introduced in January 2008.

The Healthy Options WA Policy aims to improve and maintain the health of staff and the broader community by providing health care establishments that support and model good nutrition and healthy eating options.

It is based on a traffic light system of food classification.

The policy applies to all services, facilities and establishments owned or leased by WA Health and involved in the provision of prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and palliative services to patients and the general community.

The Healthy Options WA Policy recognises three main areas of responsibility for the provision of healthy eating options within WA Health:

Mandatory documents defining the procedural requirements for implementation of the policy

View resources and tools to assist with meeting the Healthy Options WA Policy requirements can be found.

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Chronic Disease Prevention Directorate
Email: healthyoptions@health.wa.gov.au

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