Applying for an area of need determination

It is recommended that public and private health service providers commence the application process six to eight weeks in advance to allow sufficient time for the information provided to be reviewed, and confirmed, if required.

Due to the time and costs associated with overseas recruitment, applicants should await notification of the outcome of the AoN assessment process prior to recruiting an IMG.

Public and private health service providers seeking a new AoN determination must complete an AoN Application Form and submit the required supporting documentation addressing the AoN assessment criteria in the AoN Application Guidelines.

Public and private health service providers seeking continuation of an AoN determination to enable IMGs to maintain employment while working towards achieving Australian qualifications must submit an AoN Application Form in a timely manner.

AoN determinations are granted for one to three years depending on the circumstances on which the determination is based.

Unsuccessful applicants may be eligible to appeal the decision in writing within 28 business days. 

Guidelines, form and templates

Health service employers preparing an application for AoN determination should refer to the following documents.

Guidelines and forms


The below templates can be used by health service employers to assist IMGs with applying for a vacant position within an AoN.

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