Business rules for accessing a confidential post mortem report via the Coronial Liaison Unit

The Office of the State Coroner (OSC) (external site) routinely sends hard copies of all forensic post mortem reports (PMR) by mail to hospitals for inclusion in the deceased’s medical records.

Where a recent PMR is required promptly for quality improvement purposes (for example, completing a mortality review), medical staff or safety and quality staff may request a copy of the PMR via the Coronial Liaison Unit (CLU)1.

Copies may only be obtained via the CLU where:

  • the date of death was on, or after, 1 August 2008
  • the death occurred in a public health service, or following health care provided by a public health service
  • it will be used for quality improvement purposes.

All correspondence with the CLU must be through the secure mailbox:

To request a PMR:

  1. Email the CLU with the following information:
    1. full name
    2. date of birth
    3. date of death
    4. place of death
    5. name of medical officer requesting PMR
    6. name of individual requesting PMR on behalf of medical officer (if applicable).
  2. A copy of the requested PMR will be directed to the requesting doctor or safety and quality staff via email. The attached PMR will be password protected.
  3. Provision of copies or details from PMR should be restricted to individuals directly involved in the incident investigation.
  4. The recipients are responsible for the security of the information contained in the PMR.
  5. Any breach in security identified will result in cessation of the service immediately.

In providing this service the CLU acknowledges that the PMR remains the property of the State Coroner.


1. The CLU resides within the Patient Safety Surveillance Unit, Clinical Services and Research, and its primary role is to facilitate communication between the OSC and the Department of Health on matters relating to quality improvement in health care.

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