Credentialling appeals process

What do I need to do?

All medical practitioners who are practising as independent medical practitioners must:

  • be credentialled
  • have a defined scope of clinical practice prior to appointment to a WA public hospital/health service.

Medical practitioners must:

  • provide the necessary information to the Committee to enable them to make an informed decision about:
    • the appropriateness of their credentials
    • their scope of clinical practice to be recommended
  • participate in clinical governance activities, which may include:
    • assisting in the credentialling
    • defining the scope of clinical practice of other medical practitioners
  • participate in performance review programs
  • comply with the defined scope of clinical practice
  • advise the appointing office if the Medical Board of WA has:
    • restricted your practice
    • suspended you.

WA Health’s medical indemnity agreement may not apply to a specific claim where it can be shown that the defined scope of clinical practice:

  • granted to a non-salaried medical practitioner was contravened
  • where a salaried medical practitioner acted in breach of his or her employment contract with respect to the medical services provided in relation to that claim.

How will I be informed about my credentials and scope of clinical practice?

  • You will receive written notification of the credentialling committee’s recommendations about your credentials and scope of clinical practice.
  • At this time you will be informed of any modifications, restrictions or denials and the reasons for these being made.
  • You will be given a reasonable opportunity to comment with respect to any issues of concern, prior to a final decision being made to the appointing officer.
  • At this time, the medical practitioner shall also be advised of the appeal process.

Can I appeal the decision?

  • If you have had your scope of clinical practice denied, withheld or varied from the original request, you have the right to appeal this decision to the appointing officer.
  • Appeals must be lodged in writing to the appointing officer within 7 days of receipt of the credentialling committee’s final decision.
  • The appeals process will allow for reconsideration of any adverse decision and for new information to be presented.
  • A medical appeals panel will be established as soon as practicable after the appeal has been lodged.
  • You will be given the opportunity to have all available information brought forward for the appeal panel’s consideration.
  • You are entitled to appear before the panel and can be accompanied by a lawyer or another appropriate adviser of your choice.
  • The medical appeals panel will make its recommendations to the appointing officer for consideration and decision. The appointing officer’s decision is final.
  • You will be advised within 7 days of the appointing officer’s final decision, which must include reasons for the decision.


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