Health Networks Leadership

Health Networks, part of the System Policy and Planning Division, are led by one or two leads and a small advisory group. All network leads are listed below.

Cardiovascular Health Network

Jacquie Garton-Smith

Dr Jacquie Garton-Smith

Dr Jacquie Garton-Smith has been a Clinical Lead for the Cardiovascular Health Network since mid-2010 and was instrumental in bringing Change Day 2014 to the WA health system. 

Jacquie has played a key role in developing the WA Health Chronic Conditions Framework and chaired the Chronic Conditions Self-Management Reference Group from July 2012–14. Jacquie coordinated the development of the Heart Failure Model of Care in 2008 and has been the GP representative on the Respiratory Health Network since inception. Jacquie is a GP with a practice in Wembley and has been the Hospital Liaison GP at Royal Perth Hospital since the role commenced in 1997.

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Tony Mylius

Tony Mylius is a cardiologist and consultant physician based in Northam. From 2010–13 he worked as Regional Medical Director for the WA Country Health Service (Wheatbelt) and has been a member of the Cardiovascular Health Network’s Executive Advisory Group since 2012.

Tony is motivated by his passion to work to achieve improved health outcomes for patients across the health system and his desire to optimise health service performance to support clinicians and other health care providers to achieve those best practice goals.Continue your content here (or delete this)

Child and Youth Health Network


Dr Alide Smit

Dr Alide Smit is a South African-born paediatrician and mother of two, living in Perth. Alide works at Joondalup Health Campus, where she participates in acute care paediatrics and neonatology, runs clinics in the private sector, and has a role in teaching.

Alide is involved in developing hospital policies which outline best practice and evidence-based care, participates in surveillance of non-accidental injury in children under two years, and has been instrumental in establishing antimicrobial surveillance in paediatrics at Joondalup Health Campus.

Helen Wright

Dr Helen Wright

Dr Helen Wright is a general paediatrician and mother of two children. She graduated from the University of Glasgow in 1995 and has been in WA since 1998. She worked as a paediatrician in Port Hedland (2002–05) and Fremantle (2005–06) before commencing at Princess Margaret Hospital in 2006.

Helen’s other professional interests are medical education and rural health. Helen is a Senior Lecturer with the University of Western Australia, as academic mentor in paediatrics for the Rural Clinical School since 2005. She was awarded the Team Teaching award for excellence in teaching in 2015.

Disability Health Network

Jenny Campbell

Jenny is currently the North Metropolitan Health Service (NMHS) Area Director of Allied Health. She has a clinical background in Occupational Therapy and has extensive experience in health as an allied health practitioner and leader.  Having worked in a variety of positions both within WA health and overseas Jenny has experience in project management and policy development in different health and disability contexts. Jenny was instrumental in driving the Disability Liaison Officer Project in NMHS, by embedding system and process change through existing infrastructure.

Fiona Payne

Fiona Payne

Fiona has spent her professional life working with people with disability, and their families and carers, firstly as a physiotherapist, then manager, and now consultant and director for health and disability services. With more than 25 years’ experience on boards and committees in the government and community sectors, Fiona is passionate about improving health outcomes for people with disability by influencing the systems that deliver services to provide health care that meets individual needs and involves people with disability in making decisions about their care.

Diabetes and Endocrine Health Network

Professor Tim Davis

Professor Tim Davis is a consultant physician in general medicine and endocrinology at Fremantle Hospital, and holds an academic appointment at the University of Western Australia. Tim’s focus for the Diabetes and Endocrine Health Network is delivering improved services and care to achieve better health outcomes for consumers in Western Australia.

Tim has published over 180 articles in peer-reviewed publications in the area of diabetes, metabolism and endocrinology, along with substantial research projects. Tim is the principal investigator of the Fremantle Diabetes Study, a twenty five-year, large-scale prospective study of diabetes in a community-based cohort.

Mark Shah

Mark Shah is a Nurse Practitioner specialised in the care and management of Diabetes. He currently works at Princess Margaret Hospital for Children, providing care and education for children and families.

Much of this work involves managing children with the emerging problem of paediatric type 2 Diabetes. His present role continues and expands on his work as a credentialled diabetes educator, having been a leader in insulin pump therapy education and management.

Mark is a strong advocate for improved diabetes self-management strategies. His work also involves work in rural and remote areas of Western Australia, providing consultation to remote area clinicians and visiting remote communities.

Falls Prevention Health Network

Nick Waldron

Dr Nick Waldron

Dr Nicholas Waldron is a consultant geriatrician at Armadale Hospital.  He has led the implementation and subsequent review of the Falls Prevention Model Of Care in Western Australia. 

Nick is an adjunct senior lecturer with the School of Medicine, Fremantle (University of Notre Dame Australia) and is part of a Collaborative Research Network. Current research includes falls prevention and translation in the inpatient and mental health settings, as well more recently in end of life care. Nick has been invited to speak at a number of national conferences and runs workshops in falls prevention and end of life decision-making. He sits on a number of state and national bodies for falls prevention and health services more broadly.

Infections and Immunology Health Network

James Flexman

Dr James Flexman

Dr James Flexman is the Head of the Department of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases at Royal Perth Hospital and Head of Clinical Microbiology at Fiona Stanley Hospital (FSH) for PathWest Laboratory Medicine WA. He is also the FSH Network Director for PathWest and an adjunct Clinical Professor in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology, School of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, University of WA.

Musculoskeletal Health Network

Jennifer Persaud

Ms Jennifer Persaud

Ms Jennifer Persaud is a registered Physiotherapist.  She currently practises in an advanced scope physiotherapist position at the Orthopaedic Department, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital.

Jennifer’s professional experience spans 15 years and includes clinical positions in the tertiary care sector in the UK and WA, and an academic role at the University of Notre Dame, Fremantle. Jennifer’s aim is to champion the “connect-share-improve” ethos of the network to make advancement in the quality of care, accessibility and clinical journey for patients in need of Musculoskeletal services in Western Australia.

Neuroscience and the Senses Health Network

Professor Merrilee Needham

Professor Merrilee Needham was appointed Foundation Chair of Neurology at Murdoch University, University of Notre Dame, and Fiona Stanley Hospital in 2016. She remains the Head of the Department of Neurology and continues to conduct neuromuscular and motor neuron disease clinics. She also works as a consultant neurologist and conducts neuromuscular clinics at the Perron Institute for Neurological and Translational Science. In 2015, Merrilee was granted the Leonard Cox award by the Australian and New Zealand Association of Neurologists in recognition of her contribution to neurosciences.

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Dr Andrew Kelly

Dr Andrew Kelly MBBS FRACP (Neurology) is a Consultant Neurologist at Fiona Stanley Hospital. He has previously worked at Fremantle Hospital, and Rockingham General Hospital. He graduated from the University of Western Australia in 1999 and underwent his specialist neurological training at Sir Charles Gairdner and Royal Perth Hospitals. In 2009 he completed a clinical fellowship in general neurology at the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Renal Health Network

Dr Hemant Kulkarni

Dr Hemant Kulkarni is a Renal physician at Royal Perth Hospital and is the only public health physician in WA with dual accreditation in Adult and Paediatric Nephrology.

Hemant has played a key role in several Health Networks Frameworks and Guidelines, including the Framework to Improve Home Dialysis Therapy in Western Australia, pathway for renal palliative care services in Western Australia, Save the vein programme, and the current guidelines for referral to renal services from primary care.

Hemant was involved in training and establishing WA's first Renal Nurse Practitioner and developing the role of Nurse Practitioner in community screening programs. He is passionate about leading the Renal Health Network to shape health policy for the state of Western Australia.

Dr Harry Moody

Dr Moody has devoted the last 20 years to renal medicine and transplantation.

He has spent nearly five years working and researching in Canada and has been a representative on the Renal Transplant Advisory Committee, The Australia and New Zealand Society of Nephrology and the Dialysis and Transplant Committee.

He was previously the Head of Department in the Renal Medicine Department at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital and provides a regular renal service in Geraldton.

Respiratory Health Network

Professor Mark Everard

Mark Everard returned to Perth in 2013 to take up the role of the McCusker Foundation Professor of Paediatric Respiratory Medicine, having previously been Head of Paediatric Respiratory Medicine at the Sheffield Children’s Hospital, United Kingdom where he worked for 18 years.

Visit the Respiratory Health Network.

Women's and Newborns Health Network

Graeme Boardley

Associate Professor Graeme Boardley

Associate Professor Graeme Boardley is Director of Midwifery, Nursing and Patient Support Services, Women and Newborn Health Service at King Edward Memorial Hospital, and the co-lead for the Women's and Newborns Health Network.Graeme has an appointment as Adjunct Associate Professor of Midwifery with Curtin University and is immediate Past President of Women’s Healthcare Australasia.

He is a registered nurse and midwife and has worked in the WA Health system for over 30 years. Graeme’s experience includes tertiary, secondary metropolitan and country services. Graeme’s goal is to improve access to maternity services for all Western Australian women through the development of collaborative models of care appropriate to the local setting.

Janet Hornbuckle

Dr Janet Hornbuckle

Dr Janet Hornbuckle is a Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist, Head of Obstetrics at King Edward Memorial Hospital, an Honorary Senior Lecturer in Obstetrics and Gynaecology for the University of Western Australia and the co-lead for the Women's and Newborns Health Network. Janet relocated to Western Australia from the United Kingdom in August 2004.

The majority of Janet’s clinical work involves providing tertiary maternal fetal medicine and high-risk maternity services. She is the lead clinician for the Diabetes in Pregnancy Service and led the development of the Maternal Fetal Assessment Unit, a 24-hour assessment unit which reduced antenatal admissions and length of stay at KEMH.

Since 2006 Janet has been involved in maternity services reform with active involvement in developing the WA Maternity Policy Framework and the National Maternity Services Plan. She remains committed to the implementation of these policies.

Janet’s research interests include the clinical safety and effectiveness of new models of maternity care.

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