Mosquito management course

The Mosquito management course is organised by the Department of Health’s Medical Entomology team and presented by mosquito experts from Medical Entomology, the University of Sydney and the Northern Territory Department of Health and Families.

This highly regarded  live-in course is the only mosquito management training available in WA/NT and is recommended for people working in:  

  • environmental and public health 
  • environmental, water and wastewater management 
  • environmental consulting
  • environmental engineering and pest control

The course includes lectures, practical mosquito identification sessions, field work and equipment demonstrations and is offered every 2 years.

The topics covered in this course include:

  • mosquito biology and ecology
  • diseases transmitted by mosquitoes
  • collection techniques (both for larval and adult mosquitoes)
  • mosquito identification
  • development of management plans
  • management/control approaches, chemicals and equipment including displays and demonstrations

The next Mosquito Management Course will be held in Mandurah in September 2019 and more information will be provided when registrations are opened early next year.

For further information about our next courses please email:

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