Pest industry licensing and registration

Where a person applies a pesticide (this includes herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, etc.) for remuneration they must undertake appropriate training through an accredited training organisation such as TAFE or a private training provider.

On completion of training and acquiring the required competencies you may then contact Pesticide Safety (Department of Health) for an application form to register as a pest management technician.

All persons applying pesticides for remuneration must also be employed by a registered pest management business. Business registration forms are also available from the Western Australian Department of Health.

Licenses and firm registrations

All persons who apply pesticides for remuneration are required under the Health (Pesticides) Regulations 2011 (external site) to hold a current licence with the Department.

The type of pest management that is to be carried out will have a bearing on the units of competencies a person must complete.

The Department will recognise competencies acquired in other states and territories, as well as competencies gained in certain certificates, it is advisable to check with Pesticides Safety before enrolling in any course.

Reading the guide on to how to obtain a licence on this web site will also assist in this process.

Note: Completing various units of competency does not mean that you are licensed.

To apply for a licence and or a business registration you must:

  • Complete the approved application forms and pay the required fee/s.
  • If you intend to conduct your business from a residential property (non-commercial), you are required to also contact your local government (external site) to seek their approval. A letter from your local government should be attached to your business application form when you submit it to the Department.
  • It is also a requirement to clearly display your company name on your vehicle, along with your business registration number. Your business registration number will be provided to you at the time you register your business.

Pest management technician's licence

Pest management business registration

European house borer inspections accreditation

Before enrolling in a course, it is advisable to contact Pesticide Safety to discuss your particular circumstances.

Do not enrol in a course unless you are sure it is suitable for your needs.

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