Qualifications allowance

Postgraduate qualification allowance process for WA Health registered nurses and midwives

Under the current ANF EBA arrangements, registered nurses and midwives who meet the criteria may be eligible for a qualification allowance.

Please read through the process and the list of approved courses and educational institutions before applying. Please note that as Honours is an extension of a Bachelor course, it is not entitled to the Qualification Allowance.

Upon completion of the HCN Qualification Allowance (K5) form (intranet), with all accompanying documents required, the nurse or midwife is required to submit the form to their manager. A checklist of what is required and a flow diagram is also provided to assist you below.

Your manager or their delegate may seek the assistance of the Independent Review Panel (IRP) to assist them in assessing your qualification allowance request. You may also appeal the decision of your manager and of the IRP.

Queries regarding the ANF qualification allowance may be forwarded to CNO-QAfC@health.wa.gov.au

Independent Review Panel

The Independent Review Panel (IRP) meets three-monthly to review applications that are unable to be processed by individual health sites or are appealed. The panel consists the Chief Nurse and Midwifery Officer (or delegate), a representative from the ANF and a member of the WA Health industrial relations department.

Applications for review by the IRP must be sent to CNO-QAfC@health.wa.gov.au at least ten working days prior to the meeting dates to allow all members of the panel to review prior to convening. Notification of the outcome will be issued within 14 working days of the IRP meeting.

Independent Review Panel meeting dates

  •  15 March 2018
  •  14 June 2018
  • 13 September 2018
  • 6 December 2018

Resources for application for Qualification Allowance