Former GDP participants – Nadine Shetty

Degree and graduate year

  • 2013 Graduate Development Program – Finance and Business stream.
  • Bachelor of Commerce – Accounting and Entrepreneurship, Curtin University of Technology.

What attracted you to WA Health’s graduate program?

The opportunity to apply my educational background in Accounting to a very crucial sector, diversity of exposure to the various facets of WA Health that was on offer within the year and the commitment of the program to the development of Graduates attracted me to the Graduate Development Program.

What areas did you work in while in the graduate program?

I worked within Revenue (Finance) at South Metropolitan Health Service, Health Finance within the Department of Health and Capital (Finance) at Child and Adolescent Health Service.

What did you enjoy most about your graduate year?

I thoroughly enjoyed the diversity in work experiences and exposure I gained through the 3 different placements of the graduate year.

What is your current position?

Acting Senior Analyst, Budget Strategy Directorate

What does your current job involve?

Supporting various aspects of WA Health’s annual budget process including planning and coordinating, reviewing business cases from around the organisation and adding value by strengthening funding arguments.

What has been your most memorable experience while working in WA Health?

Presenting to the Resource Strategy Division of WA Health on a project I had lead and worked very hard on, and receiving excellent feedback for it!

What advice do you wish someone had given you prior to starting your graduate year?

Be certain that every professional development activity and every aspect of work experience gained in the Graduate year, including big or small projects you are involved in, will help in the long run and contribute in developing you as a dynamic, well rounded professional.

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