Former GDP participants – Peta Pring

Degree and graduate year

  • 2013 Graduate Development Program – General Corporate stream.
  • Bachelor of Science (Health Promotion) from Curtin University.

What attracted you to WA Health’s graduate program?

I chose the Graduate Development Program because it was an ideal platform to start my career. The ability to gain wide-ranging experience across WA Health combined with professional development and networking opportunities made the Graduate Development Program a logical career choice.

What areas did you work in while in the graduate program?

I undertook my placements with the Service Development Team, Strategic Support Unit, Child and Adolescent Community Health; the Drugs of Dependence Unit within the Pharmaceutical Services Branch; and the Mental Health Unit at WA Country Health Service.

What did you enjoy most about your graduate year?

Completing the Diploma in Management, which is very useful in my current role.  It contributed to me being appointed to my current position and in developing relationships and networks, in particular with my mentor and their networks.

What is your current position?

Project Officer, Physical Move Team, Perth Children’s Hospital Project, Child and Adolescent Health Service.

What does your current job involve?

I am currently working on the 5S Project which is a hospital-wide storage reduction exercise at Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH). The aim of the 5S project is to reduce storage at PMH by a set target prior to the move to Perth Children’s Hospital (PCH) and to anchor into practice improved storage practices amongst staff.  Using the Lean methodology 5S, the project is designed to provide departments at PMH with support during the implementation phase of the storage reduction exercise.

I am responsible for the day to day running of the 5S project including the running of education sessions, development of 5S project tools, stakeholder engagement and maintenance, change management, project management and risk assessment.

What has been your most memorable experience while working in WA Health?

My most memorable experiences were being able to take a hospital tour of both the new Fiona Stanley Hospital and the Perth Children’s Hospital during the construction phase. Knowing that my work on the Perth Children’s Hospital Project is contributing to a piece of WA’s history is also very fulfilling.

What advice do you wish someone had given you prior to starting your graduate year?

Be prepared to hit the ground running, and not stop for 12 mon
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