Employing international medical graduates

Employing international medical graduates

Employers who have been unable to recruit an Australian-trained medical practitioner or a medical practitioner with general registration may be eligible to employ an international medical graduate (IMG) with limited registration.

The type of limited registration depends on the position:
  • Limited registration for postgraduate training or supervised practice 
  • Limited registration for area of need - if working in an area of need (AoN), as determined by the Western Australian Department of Health. 

If the position requires the IMG to access Medicare benefits it must be recognised as being within a district of workforce shortage (DWS) as determined by the Australian Government Department of Health (external site).

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IMGs are doctors who obtained their primary medical qualification (external site) at a medical school outside Australia and New Zealand.

Following assessment of their qualifications by either the Australian Medical Council (external site) or a specialist medical college, IMGs can receive limited registration from the MBA.

Registration requirements

IMGs with limited registration must comply with the relevant MBA registration standards (external site)

For IMGs intending to practise medicine in Australia longer term, employers must provide evidence to confirm the satisfactory progress towards meeting the qualifications required for general registration or specialist registration.

Supervision requirements

All IMGs who are granted limited registration or provisional registration must be supervised. Supervision remains a requirement of registration for the duration of the IMG’s limited or provisional registration.

The MBA's Guidelines - Supervised practice for international medical graduates (external site) came into effect on 4 January 2016.

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