Workplace-based assessment

The workplace-based assessment (WBA) program is for international medical graduates (IMGs) using the Australian Medical Council (AMC) Standard Pathway (external site) to gain general registration.

The WBA program is an alternative to the AMC clinical examination. IMGs accepted to a WBA program must be employed in a hospital accredited for WBA by the AMC.

The WBA program has been piloted in some Australian states and territories including WA. A full list of WBA Providers is on the AMC website (external site). The success of WBA has since been acknowledged by the AMC and the program components are being standardised across Australia. 

The WBA program in WA is 12 months in duration and is currently available at Bunbury Hospital, Kalgoorlie Hospital and Geraldton Hospital.

Through assessment in the everyday workplace, WBA assesses the IMG’s ability to integrate clinical knowledge and skills as a basis for safe and effective clinical judgment and decision making.

IMGs are also assessed on their interaction with patients and their ability to work productively as a member of the healthcare team.

The content and the assessment standard of all accredited WBA programs are approved by the AMC and overseen by the AMC Board of Examiners to ensure consistency across programs and with AMC examinations.

The disciplines covered include:

  • adult medicine
  • adult surgery
  • emergency medicine
  • obstetrics and gynaecology (women’s health)
  • paediatrics (child health)
  • psychiatry (mental health).

IMGs are assessed by experienced senior clinicians across a range of clinical areas, skills and dimensions. Using multiple assessors broadens the scope of assessment and ensures a more robust assessment process.

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Workplace-based assessment for International Medical Graduates – Candidates Guide (PDF 550KB) or Word 563KB. This resource provides detailed information about the WBA program, responsibilities of candidates, support on offer and the assessment process.

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