Graduate nursing and midwifery

Graduate programs assist you to transition into the nursing and midwifery workforce in a supportive environment. You will gain exposure to a variety of clinical settings, while consolidating theoretical learning and critical clinical skills and judgement.

Through the online recruitment system GradConnect, newly qualified enrolled nurses, registered nurses and midwives are encouraged to undertake a fully paid graduate program at either a public hospital or health service or a participating private hospital. This allows you to apply for graduate opportunities in all our participating hospitals and health services using just 1 application.

What is GradConnect?

GradConnect is a streamlined online recruitment system that provides a wide choice of employment opportunities for newly qualified nurses and midwives.

The system works collaboratively with Western Australian public hospitals and health services and Ramsay Health Care.

Applications for all graduate programs offered via GradConnect are centrally coordinated by the Nursing and Midwifery Office.

Benefits of using GradConnect

If you are a newly qualified nurse or midwife looking for employment, GradConnect offers many benefits, including the:

  • opportunity to apply for graduate positions at more than 1 public hospital or health service, or participating private hospital, using just 1 application
  • freedom to edit and save your application up until the closing date
  • opportunity to receive and accept your job offer online
  • ability to update your personal contact details anytime.

Who can apply?

To apply you must be:

  • eligible for registration as a registered or enrolled nurse for nursing positions and as a midwife for midwifery positions with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) (external site). The NMBA is responsible for the regulation of nursing and midwifery practice in Australia. Nurses and midwives must comply with the registration standards and be registered with the NMBA prior to starting their graduate program.
  • a new graduate nurse who has not previously participated in a graduate nurse program and has not been employed for more than 12 months as a nurse in Australia or overseas. Enrolled nurses converting to registered nurse who have undertaken an enrolled nurse graduate program in the past are eligible to apply for registered nurse graduate programs.
  • a graduate midwife who has not previously participated in a graduate midwifery program and has not been employed for more than 12 months as a midwife in Australia or overseas. Graduate midwives who have undertaken an enrolled or registered nurse graduate program in the past are eligible to apply for midwifery graduate programs.

If your application is successful you will also need to meet the specific employment requirements of the hospital or health service where you will be working. At a minimum you will need up-to-date:

Application opening dates

The majority of graduate programs recruit annually during July for the following year. Where vacancies exist mid-year, then an additional recruitment process may take place in March.

  • Applications for March 2018 GradConnect have now closed.
  • Applications for graduate programs commencing in 2019 will open in July 2018.

How to apply

Applications are currently closed. Please see the 'Important Application Dates' document below for more information about rounds and offer dates.

We are committed to growing the Aboriginal workforce across WA Health. Aboriginal nurse and midwife graduates are encouraged to apply.

Participating hospitals and health services

As the single online application process for all WA public hospital and health services and participating private hospitals, GradConnect gives you the opportunity to apply for both public and private sector positions.

Find out which hospitals and health services participate in GradConnect. You will also see the dates to apply for each program.

Not all hospitals and health services participate in GradConnect

Even if you apply through GradConnect for a position at a participating hospital or health service, you can still apply for other positions with non-participating hospitals and health services. Do not limit yourself by only applying to GradConnect.

Start dates

The graduate program start dates for each hospital and health service vary. Some hospitals and health services also offer multiple start dates. See participating hospitals and health services section above for start dates.

It is up to the applicant to thoroughly research all programs available and ascertain the date for application. Some hospitals and health services will be recruiting annually, while others will recruit twice a year. Be careful that you don’t choose a program that is not available at the time you graduate.

Changing your start date

You will be asked to nominate your preferred start date within the application. You should discuss your plans with each hospital or health service during the selection and interview process.

If you are offered a graduate position and are not able to start at the agreed start date, you will need to advise the relevant person or people at the hospital or health service as soon as possible.

If you wish to defer your start date, you will need to negotiate this with the individual health service. They may not be able to accommodate such requests and may advise you to re-apply to GradConnect the following year.

Part-time programs

Some hospitals or health services may offer graduate programs part–time. You will be asked to state your preference within your application. You should discuss this with each hospital or health service at interview.

Employment conditions

The terms and conditions of service are in accordance with the:

Do I need to complete a graduate program to practise as a nurse or midwife?

Once you are registered to practise as an enrolled nurse, registered nurse or midwife you are able to gain employment in any health facility within Australia. Completing a graduate program is not mandatory.

Undertaking a graduate program is not a requirement for initial or ongoing employment. Graduate programs have been designed to offer additional support for novice nurses and midwives to assist their transition to the professional role within busy clinical environments.

Places within these structured graduate programs are capped for a range of reasons. You can still gain valuable experience outside of a designated graduate program.

More information

To find out more:

  • email us
  • contact individual hospitals and health services.

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