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Aboriginal leadership

Developing WA Health's Aboriginal Leaders

WA Health is committed to investing in Aboriginal leadership to improve services for Aboriginal people living in Western Australia.

WA Health is specifically committed to:

  • promoting and valuing Aboriginal leadership as a priority
  • ensuring there is continuous Aboriginal leadership development
  • using Aboriginal staff to improve the response of WA Health to the health needs of Aboriginal people
  • empowering Aboriginal staff to pursue leadership opportunities.

WA Health Aboriginal Leadership Strategy

The WA Health Aboriginal Leadership Strategy 2013 – 2016 (The Strategy) serves as a guide to identifying and developing WA Health’s Aboriginal leadership potential. The Strategy aims to inspire the take-up of Aboriginal leadership opportunities and acknowledges and further commits to Aboriginal voices in WA Health.

This Strategy is the first of its kind for Western Australia – while other leadership strategies have addressed workforce issues, this is the first to solely focus on accessing and developing Aboriginal leadership potential in WA Health.

WA Health Aboriginal Leadership Strategy 2013–2016 (PDF 4.2MB)

Guiding Principles

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The Strategy is underpinned by the following guiding principles:

  • embracing diversity and Aboriginal ways of working
    • building leadership opportunities based on Aboriginal values and traditional mainstream leadership approaches
  • engaging the support of WA Health leaders
    • key stakeholders guiding and learning from Aboriginal staff and embedding Aboriginal leadership within the organisation
  • working in partnership
    • all staff working together to achieve the common goal of improving the health of Aboriginal people in Western Australia
  • building personal responsibility to reach goals and aspirations
    • Aboriginal workforce using its wealth of knowledge, skills and experience to initiate change.
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