Improving health in WA

2013 Clinical Senate debates

In 2013, Clinic Senate debate topics were:

  • November: Living large – A system to obesity
  • August: Let's get physical – Addressing the physical health needs of Western Australians with mental illness
  • May: The WA GP shortage – The impact on our community and health sector

Living large – a system response to obesity


Presenter Presentation
Mr Kim Collard Welcome to Country
Adjunct Associate Professor Kim Gibson Welcome and senate update
Prof Bryant Stokes, AM, Acting Director General Official opening and response to recommendations
Dr Shane Kelly, Executive Sponsor Setting the scene for debate
Professor Mike Daube, Professor of Health Policy at Curtin University and Director of the Public Health Advocacy Institute and the McCusker Centre for Action on Alcohol and Youth The Obesity in the community - do we stand a chance?
Winthrop Professor Jeffrey Hamdorf, Bariatric Surgeon, Director of CTEC and Head of School of Surgery at the University of Western Australia Morbid obesity MoC - progress and multidisciplinary teams (PDF 1.15MB)
Mr Brad Sebbes, Executive Director, Fiona Stanley Hospital The Facility design/plannning the FSH experience (PDF 1.5MB)
Dr Lana Bell, Paediatrician and Endocrinologist Paediatric obesity - primary and tertiary care challenges (PDF 827KB)
Professor Julie Quinlivan Easy to implement interventions for obesity in pregnancy (PDF 570KB)
Plenary – introductory presentation
Mr Chris Bedding

The Great Weight Debate
Executive Summary and Recommendations


Let's get physical – Addressing the physical health needs of West Australians with mental illness

Presenter Presentation
Rev Sealin Garlett, Noongar Elder Welcome to Country
Ms Marani Hutton, Acting Chair, Clinical Senate of WA Welcome and senate update
Prof Bryant Stokes, AM , Acting Director General Report on recommendations and official opening (PDF 614KB)
Dr Nathan Gibson, Chief Psychiatrist Let’s get physical (PDF 235KB)
Prof Tim Lambert, Professor of Psychiatry at Concord Clinical School at The University of Sydney.  Head of Schizophrenia Treatment and Outcomes Research at the Brain and Mind Research Institute in Sydney The public health disgrace in Psychiatry (PDF 11.5MB)
Ms Learne Durrington, Chief Executive Officer, Perth Central and East Metropolitan Medicare Local Physical health care needs of people with severe mental illness  (PDF 331KB)
Ms Jenny Ford, Nurse Practitioner and Ms Pooja Maru, Pharmacist, Craven’s Pharmacy, Perth The Metabolic Clinic at Craven’s Pharmacy
Plenary – introductory presentation
Ms Lorraine Powell, WA representative on the National Mental Health Consumers and Carer Forum and Acting Chair of the Health Consumers’ Council WA The consumer perspective

The WA GP shortage

Presenter Presentation
Mr Shaun Nannup, Indigenous Liaison Officer, ICCWA  Welcome to Country
Adjunct Associate Professor Kim Gibson, Chair, Clinical Senate of WA Welcome and senate update
Mr Philip Aylward, Chief Executive Child and Adolescent Health Service Official opening on behalf of the A/Director General
Dr Gary Geelhoed, Chief Medical Officer Setting the scene for debate
Dr Richard Choong, General Practitioner and President, Australian Medical Association, WA The general practitioner perspective (PDF 830KB)
Prof Alistair Vickery, Professor, Primary Health Care at UWA and Chair, Perth North Metro Medicare Local The primary health care perspective (PDF 277KB)
Dr Doug Pritchard, General Practitioner A Same-Day Appointment System in one general practice (PDF 243KB)
Ms Julie Fereday, Registered Nurse and Portfolio Manager of Health, Central Institute of Technology 
Ms Clare Askew, Registered Nurse, Reach
The Reach project (PDF 63KB)
Plenary – introductory presentation
Ms Anne McKenzie, Consumer Advocate, UWA School of Population Health and the Telethon Institute for Child Health Research The consumer perspective (PDF 146KB)
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