Regulation review program

In the lead up to stage 5 of implementation of the Public Health Act 2016 WA Health must review:

to determine whether these public health risks must continue to be regulated under the new regulatory framework provided by the Public Health Act.

WA Health is committed to consulting with key stakeholders prior to repealing or replacing any legislation.

Discussion papers - open for consultation

The following discussion papers are now open for public consultation. You are invited to read through the discussion papers and provide your feedback online. 

Discussion Paper Aim Due date
Management of public health risks associated with morgues in WA discussion paper (PDF 1MB)
This paper focuses on determining the best option for managing the public health risks associated with the temporary storage of human remains (morgues) in a manner which maintains public health. 

These options include:

  • Option A: Do nothing
  • Option B: Rely on the general public health duty of the Public Health Act 2016 and issue a Code of Practice or Guideline 
  • Option C: Develop new regulations for morgues in WA
  • Option D: Develop provisions regarding morgues to be included in model health local laws for local governments in WA
  • Option E: None of the above  

Online survey

Please read the Management of public health risks associated with morgues in WA discussion paper (PDF 1MB) and provide your feedback in the online survey (external site) by the 31 December 2017.

You can read the survey questions (PDF 100KB) prior to completing the online survey (external site). 

31 December 2017

Discussion papers - soon to be released for consultation

Discussion papers related to the following public health risks will soon be open for public consultation. 

Discussion Paper Aim
Managing the public health risks of biting insects in WA  This discussion paper examines the risks that biting insects present to public health and provides options to enable more effective reduction of these risks in WA. 
Temporary toilet design and construction discussion paper 

This paper looks at how the design and construction of temporary toilets is managed in WA under the existing Health (Temporary Sanitary Conveniences) Regulations 1997 (external site)and provides a number of options for the adequate design into the future. The paper discusses both standard and accessible temporary toilets to ensure that all sectors of society are provided with toilets that they can use and that will work effectively. 

As part of the review the Department of Health noted that there is no regulation of the design and construction of accessible temporary toilets. The Department commissioned the Accessible Temporary Toilets Survey (PDF 500KB) in 2016/2017 to determine how this lack of regulation was impacting the disability community.
Managing sanitation provisions at construction sites and mobile, temporary, or remote work sites 

This discussion paper reviews the requirement to provide a temporary toilet at a construction site under the existing Health (Temporary Sanitary Conveniences) Regulations 1997 (external site) and the Health (Construction Work) Regulations 1973 (external site).

The paper outlines a number of possible management options to ensure that the public health needs of workers are met.

Further information

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