Our performance

 WA Health is committed to providing transparent and accountable reporting of its health care system to the community and WA Health staff.

Part of WA Health’s commitment to ensuring transparent, quality health care includes utilising information to monitor WA Health’s performance at all levels of the Health system.

This information is showcased in a number of reports and resources to enable the public and WA Health staff to compare and evaluate the health system’s performance.

Our Hospitals and Health Services website

Our Hospitals and Health Services (external site) allows the public to see how Western Australia’s public hospitals and health services throughout WA are performing by providing a detailed view on a number of key hospital activities such as emergency department wait times; elective surgery treatment times; and patient safety and quality.

The information is based on the most recently available data and allows WA public hospitals and health services to be compared against National Targets (where possible).

Performance reports

WA Health produces a number of reports detailing performance information.  These reports are issued monthly, quarterly and annually.