Western Australian Public Hospital Hand Hygiene Compliance

graph WA public hospital hand hygiene compliance

Table: Western Australian public hospital hand hygiene compliance
2012 average 2013 average 2014 average 2015 average 2016 average  Audit 3 2017
WA public hospital compliance 70.6% 75.1% 79.1% 80.4% 83.5%  84.2%

*WA benchmark 80%

What do these figures show?

The average hand hygiene compliance of healthcare workers employed in WA public hospitals. 

The most recent audit period is Audit 3 2017 (July – OCtober 2017).

71 Hospitals participated in this audit period. A total of 31,098 moments were submitted.

The average compliance rate was observed to be 84.2%.

Data suggests that WA healthcare workers compliance rate has increased since 2011. Healthcare worker compliance continues to be above that of the state benchmark.

The red line in the graph shows the WA benchmark.

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