WA Health Excellence Awards 2016

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The WA Health Excellence Awards feature eight project or team award categories, along with the Director General’s Award, to be selected from one of the category award winners. 

1. Improving service delivery
2. Managing resources effectively and efficiently
3. Engaging with consumers, carers and the community
4. Achieving better health outcomes for Aboriginal people
5. Developing sustainable solutions for out–of–hospital healthcare
6. Overcoming inequities
7. Innovative solutions for improving safety and quality
8. Promoting healthy habits and preventing illness and injury

Director General’s Award

The Director General of Health will select the winner of the peak award from the winners of the Project/team Awards. There is no nomination process for this award.

Minister for Health’s Award

The Minister for Health's Award was established in 2014 to recognise an outstanding individual who has demonstrated exceptional commitment to helping achieve WA Health's vision of 'Healthier, longer and better quality lives for all Western Australians'.

Peter Baldwin Memorial Award

This award honours the contribution made by the late Peter Baldwin during his time at WA Health, and his dedication and passion to the provision of a professional human resources service.

Jill Porteous Memorial Award

The late Jill Porteous, was Director of Safety and Quality at the WA Country Health Service.

The Jill Porteous Memorial Award was established in 2014 in her honour, and it was so well received that the award will continue to be a feature of the WA Health Excellence Awards.

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