Winner - Improving service delivery

Royal Perth Hospital Mental Health Unit, South Metropolitan Health Service: Enhance Project

The Enhance Project has been recently completed by Royal Perth Hospital’s Mental Health Unit, resulting in the development, implementation and formal evaluation of an enhanced model of inpatient care for people with Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder.

While primarily focused on inpatient admission, the new model also covers transitional/post discharge support and management of readmissions in times of crisis.

It also aims to reduce psychological symptomatology over the course of an admission, increase consumer engagement in psychological therapy, expedite readiness for discharge from the Mental Health Unit and to better equip patients to manage out of hospital – thereby reducing their need to readmit for further inpatient care.

The new model has resulted in a total of 2,395 WA mental health bed days being saved, facilitated greater throughput of 154 more admissions and the treatment of 90 more consumers in a 12-month period, or a total cost saving of $3.4m.