Silver book – Guidelines for managing sexually transmitted infections

Silver book - A guide to Sexually Transmitted Infections WA

In areas of Western Australia (WA), the incidence of some sexually transmitted infections (STIs) is at epidemic levels. As part of its continued response to this problem, the Western Australian Department of Health (WA Health) is continuously updating these clinical guidelines, aiming to promote the principles of best practice to the wide range of providers who are responsible for STI management in this State.

These guidelines deal with the syndromic approach to STIs, as well as management of the notifiable STIs and a range of non-notifiable STIs. They are designed for all clinicians and health care providers involved in the diagnosis and/or management of STIs.

This new web-based edition of the guidelines contains the most up-to-date evidence-based practice recommendations and is complemented with a range of patient and health professional resources.

Best practice

All too frequently, administering an antibiotic has been regarded as all that is necessary for the management of STIs. Best practice in sexual health is more than testing and treatment. Proper risk assessment, patient education and counselling, follow-up and contact tracing are also essential to controlling the spread of STIs.It is hoped that the widespread use of these guidelines and the recommended practices contained within them will significantly improve the response to this serious public and individual health issue.

list of abbreviations that are used throughout the Silver book should be consulted.

The Guidelines for managing sexually transmitted infections have been updated by a small clinical working party in consultation with a steering committee comprising sexual health providers throughout the State. Refer to the list of contributors.

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