Refugee health

A mother loving holds her baby up to her face to receive its kiss

Refugee Health Team

The Refugee Health Team supports newly arrived refugees and humanitarian entrants to connect with community and specialist health care services.
  • We provide services in various locations across the Perth metropolitan area. 
  • Our services include access to primary health care including GPs, Child Health and School Health, and immunisation follow-up.
  • Refugee Health Team brochure (PDF 1MB)

Who is eligible?

Children under the age of 18 years and their primary carers who have been referred from Humanitarian Entrant Health Service or the Perth Children's Hospital Refugee Health Clinic (external link). Other referrals are assessed on an individual basis.


Our services include prevention, early intervention and appropriate referral pathways to assist newly arrived refugees and humanitarian entrants with children to transition and integrate into mainstream health care services.
  • The refugee health team has a qualified interpreter for Vietnamese. 


Send all referrals or queries to CAHS-CH Refugee Health.