nurse and toddler sharing a book

These publications are provided to parents at their scheduled child health checks by Child and School Health Nurses. 

  • You are welcome to print these for yourself, or distribute them to parents and carers.
  • You can also find consumer health information on HealthyWA (external site).
  • For more information about these publications, email
  • Note: on 1 July 2018, CAHS renamed CACH to Community Health - however, some publications below may still refer to CACH.
Table: Parent resources
 Aboriginal Heath Team brochure (PDF 985KB)
 Aboriginal Health Team (PDF 845KB) A4 - print friendly
 All about school health services (PDF 336KB)
 Baby's first foods (PDF 1.7MB)
 Baby play: birth to 18 months (PDF 382KB)
 Bedwetting (PDF 385KB)
 Bedwetting (PDF 384KB) A4 - print friendly
 Breastfeeding: expressing and storing breastmilk (PDF 605KB)
 Breastfeeding: expressing and storing breastmilk (PDF 700KB) A4 - print friendly
 Child development 0-3 months (PDF 567KB) 
 Child development 3-6 months (PDF 493KB) 
 Child development 6-9 months (PDF 580KB) 
 Child development 9-12 months (PDF 594KB) 
 Child development 1-2 years (PDF 667KB) 
 Child development 2-3 years (PDF 634KB) 
 Child development 3-4 years (PDF 463KB) 
 Child development 4-5 years (PDF 501KB) 
 Colour blindness (PDF 378KB) 
 Colour blindness (PDF 274KB) A4 - print friendly
 Food for kids (PDF 1.3KB) A4 - print friendly
 Give your child's teeth a healthy start (PDF 1MB) 
 Guidelines for healthy growth and development for your child (PDF 823KB)
 Health information for parents with children starting school (PDF 255KB)
 Health information for parents of upper primary students (PDF 251KB)
 Learning to talk (PDF 445KB)
 Learning to talk (PDF 472KB) A4 - print friendly
 Lift the Lip - Kindy and pre-primary (PDF 798KB)
 Play and Learning (Child Development) series
 School health service (PDF 336KB)  
 Scoliosis (PDF 268KB) 
 Ten tips for starting school (PDF 423KB) 
 Toddler play: 18 months to 3 years (PDF 520KB) 
 Toddler tucker (PDF 1.9MB) A4 - print friendly
 Toilet training (PDF 676KB)
 Welcome to your New Baby magazine (PDF 4.35MB) - large file size - alternative versions available upon request