Medication information

Child and Adolescent Health Service's Mental Health service provides recovery-focussed treatment for mental health issues in children and young people.

Medication can be an important part of treatment. But in order to use medications safely and effectively, children, young people and their families need to know:

  • how to take medications correctly
  • what side effects to expect
  • how to monitor these effects
  • when to expect them
  • what to do if the medication doesn’t appear to be working
  • what to do if an adverse drug reaction is experienced.

To find this information from a trustworthy and independent source, Mental Health provides brochures made by Choice and Medication (external site). These brochures discuss medication treatment options, and the benefits and risks of particular medications.

The brochures on the Choice and Medication (external site) website have information on medications used to treat mental health problems (psychotropic medications). We recommend that CAMHS clients use the information they find on the website as a starting point for a conversation with CAHS Mental Health staff about their treatment options.

Mental Health believes that providing information on medication allows children, young people and their families to make informed choices about their healthcare. This initiative is supported by the Mental Health Medical Advisory Committee (MAC).