Consumer advisory groups

Our community advisory groups are an important mechanism for ensuring that community members can have their say in how we design and deliver our services, to better meet the needs of the community we serve.

Members of the groups work in partnership with staff to ensure the voice of children, adolescents and their families, (including people with disability, carers, and people with special needs) is heard and valued by our health service.

To register an interest in being involved in one of the groups, please contact

Consumer Advisory Council 

The Consumer Advisory Council (CAC) establishes a formal partnership between consumer representatives and the CAHS leadership group, to promote, develop and maintain excellence in patient and family centred care and improve the patient experience.

Youth Advisory Committee

The Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) consists of teens and young adults who have past and present experience of being a patient at PMH and PCH. YAC was originally established in 2009 as a focus group for the construction of the new children’s hospital. YAC met with architects and designers on a monthly basis to advise and make recommendations on what would be valuable for patients and their families in the new hospital. Many of the key ideas that were identified by YAC have been incorporated into the physical design and layout of Perth Children’s Hospital.

The committee is dedicated to bringing about positive change and improved health services for future generations. YAC members are invited to attend various projects, focus groups and even have current membership on the Health Service Executive to ensure the ‘little’ voices are heard and a youth perspective is always considered in important decision making.

YAC is all about the kids doing it for the kids; making it a unique asset for our health service. 

Disability Advisory Committee

The aim of the Disability Advisory Committee (DAC) is to work in partnership with staff and consumers to ensure that all facilities, services and programs within CAHS are accessible to people with disabilities including staff, patients, their families, carers and visitors.

Aboriginal Health Leadership and Advisory Committee

The focus of the Aboriginal Health Leadership Advisory Committee (PDF 509KB) (AHLAC) is the provision of quality, safe and culturally secure services to Aboriginal children, infants, adolescent and their families.

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