Safety and quality

mother and daughter in swimming pool together

At CAHS, safety is our number one priority and we work hard to continually review procedures and practices to improve how we deliver care.

In 2011 the Australian State and Territory Health Ministers endorsed the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (PDF 304KB) as a means of ensuring all Australians receive consistent level of high quality, safe health care. The Standards provide a nationally consistent statement about the level of care consumers can expect from health service organisations. We are assessed every three years to make sure we are meeting these standards. More information on the 10 standards can be found at Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (external site).

CAHS has received recognition for assessment against the national Mental Health Standards, which at this stage is not mandatory, but is a measured process that CAHS is proud to participate in. These mental health standards provide direction on how mental health patients and their families should be cared for.