Human Research Ethics and Governance

East Metropolitan Health Service (EMHS) has a centralised area-wide Research Ethics and Governance (REG) Unit based at Royal Perth Hospital (RPH). The aim of the centralised REG unit is to improve the efficiency and quality of ethical and governance reviews, especially for multi-site projects and clinical trials, and to support local clinical researchers to understand and meet their regulatory obligations.

The EMHS REG unit provides ethical and governance review of proposed research projects and monitoring of approved research for all EMHS sites including:

  • Armadale Kalamunda Group
  • Royal Perth Bentley Group
  • East Metropolitan Mental Health Service.

Researchers, study co-ordinators and study sponsors should contact the REG unit as early as possible when planning a new research project or when considering adding an EMHS site to an existing project.

Research Governance Framework

The WA Health Research Governance Framework governs the scientific, ethical and site governance review and approval and the conduct and monitoring of human research within WA public health organisations.

The policy and procedures apply to WA Health employees and non-WA Health employees (including clinical and non-clinical university academics) who propose to undertake, manage, review and govern human research involving patients, their tissue or data accessed through WA Health.

Research projects cannot commence at EMHS sites until they have:

  1. ethical and scientific approval AND
  2. site governance approval

The ethical and site governance reviews are independent processes, but usually conducted in parallel.

EMHS retains the right not to authorise a research project at its sites, even if the project has ethical approval and/or site approval at other institutions.

Making a submission

All research ethics and governance submissions should be emailed to the EMHS REG unit email:

Hardcopy submissions are not required.

Research ethics and governance forms

A standard set of ethics and governance forms are used throughout WA Health.

The ethics forms are available from the Department of Health Research Ethics Forms webpage.

Please note that WA Health HRECs accept either the WA Health Ethics Application Form (WAHEAF) or, for multi-site (especially interstate) projects, the NEAF/HREA. However, it is preferable to use the WAHEAF for projects to be conducted at a single site within WA Health or for multi-site projects only conducted within WA.

The governance review forms are available from the Department of Health Research Governance Forms webpage. In addition to Site Specific Assessment (SSA) Forms that are used to complete site governance reviews, this site has many useful resources, including WA Health specific templates for research agreements, funding agreements and forms for indemnification.

Research ethics and governance review fees

Research ethics and governance guidelines

Royal Perth Hospital Human Research Ethics Committee

Human Research Ethics Committees (HRECs) review research proposals involving human participants to ensure that they are ethically acceptable and in accordance with the NHMRC “National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research” 2007 (external link). HRECs also monitor the conduct of research projects until completion to ensure they conform to ethical requirements.

All human research conducted in WA Health must undergo ethical and scientific review, approval and monitoring by a WA Health HREC.

The EMHS has one HREC, the Royal Perth Hospital HREC, but also accepts the ethical review of other WA Health HRECs under the WA Health Single Ethical Review process. If your project already has approval from a WA Health HREC you do not need to submit the project to the RPH HREC. You will still need to submit a Site Specific Assessment (SSA) Form for EMHS research governance review.

All new submissions for ethical review should be submitted by email:

Hardcopy submissions are not required.

When planning a new research project or ethics submission, it is highly advisable to speak to the EMHS Ethics Coordinator or Administrative Officer to confirm the submission requirements for your project.

All applications are reviewed by the Ethics Coordinator and feedback provided prior to the HREC meeting. Research ethics reviews are a collaborative process between the researcher and the HREC and the collaboration should begin prior to the formal submission and while the project is being reviewed by the HREC Coordinator.

Contact Us

Ethics Coordinator: Mark Woodman
Research Governance Officer: Amanda Carter
Compliance, Monitoring and Education Officer: Mel Jarvis

Administrative Officer: Sue Wallace


Phone: 9224 2292

Office location and mailing address:
Level 2, Kirkman House
Royal Perth Hospital
10 Murray Street, PERTH WA 6000