Clinical Services Plan

The East Metropolitan Health Service Clinical Services Plan Towards 2024 (EMHS CSP) will guide EMHS to deliver health care services that are responsive to the needs of the EMHS community, while recognising our valued yet finite resources.

The EMHS CSP identifies the clinical services planning priorities and our future program of work for clinical services across EMHS.


Performance infographics

This series of infographics illustrates our performance and highlights achievements in all facets of our health service – our hospitals, our community programs, our staff, our patients and our performance.

In this way we can illustrate our progress in key areas and highlight the areas we need to focus on.

Population Health

Health Promotion and Community Development team

  • Planning, monitoring and evaluation
  • Sixteen local government health and well-being profiles (these are currently at final draft stage of update 2016) 

Eating for better health

A more active WA

Reducing harmful alcohol use

Making smoking history

Creating safer communities