Policy Frameworks

Policy frameworks provide strategic, systemwide policy direction for the WA health system.

Under the Health Services Act 2016, the Director General can issue binding policy frameworks for health service providers (HSPs) (i.e. CAHS, EMHS, NMHS, SMHS, WACHS, HSS and Quadriplegic Centre) to ensure service coordination and integration, and efficiency and effectiveness in the provision of health services across the WA health system.

Policy frameworks contain reference to mandatory requirements, as well as supporting information. HSPs are responsible for the establishment of local policy for their services, consistent with the relevant policy frameworks.

What are the benefits for patients, the community and staff?

Policy frameworks are aligned to national and international best practice and provide greater consistency and transparency to ensure the quality and safety of health services. They support:

  • Strong governance foundations with clear roles and responsibilities to enable better decision-making, operation and risk management. 
  • Greater authority and innovation within HSPs to meet the needs of local communities, including decision-making closer to service delivery and patient care.

Access Policy Frameworks

Clinical Governance, Safety and Quality 
Mental health
Clinical Services Planning and Programs
Outcome Based Management
Clinical Teaching and Training
Employment Public Health
Financial Management Purchase and Resource Allocation
Information and Communications Technology
Information Management Risk, Compliance and Audit
Infrastructure Asset Mangement
Statutory Board Operations

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