Policy Frameworks

The WA health system consists of the Department of Health, Health Service Providers and contracted health entities.

The overall management of the WA health system is the responsibility of the Director General as the System Manager. Health Service Providers are responsible for the delivery of health services to defined catchment areas. This governance arrangement is designed so that local health services can be responsive to the needs of the local community.

Under section 26 of the Health Services Act 2016 the Director General may issue binding policy frameworks to ensure a consistent approach to a range of core business functions.

The Director General has issued 20 binding policy frameworks. Each policy framework contains a suite of policies that establish required standards, to ensure that Western Australians experience the same level of high quality care, regardless of where they live, and which service they use.

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Recently issued policies (for the last 60 day's)

Below are the recently issued policies for the time period selected

Policy Number Published Policy Framework
Responding to the Abuse of Older People (Elder Abuse) Policy MP0121/19 03 Sep 2019 Clinical Services Planning and Programs
Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease Policy MP0120/19 03 Sep 2019 Public Health
Equal Opportunity, Discrimination and Harassment Policy MP0118/19 13 Aug 2019 Employment
Prevention of Workplace Bullying Policy MP0117/19 13 Aug 2019 Employment
Engagement of Medical Transcription Services Policy MP0119/19 13 Aug 2019 Procurement
Grievance Resolution Policy MP0116/19 12 Aug 2019 Employment

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