Assistant in Nursing Policy

Applicable to: This Policy is applicable to WA health system entities that engage/employ AIN.

Description: The purpose of this Policy is to ensure Health Service Providers engage and employ clinical support staff with the right qualification and skill-set to provide safe, high quality health care.

Assistant in Nursing (AIN) position is a category of non-regulated healthcare workforce. An AIN works under the direction of a Nurse or Midwife to assist in the delivery of patient care in the acute care environment. AIN are a complementary workforce and not a substitute for the number of Nurses or Midwives employed under current workplace arrangements.

This Policy underpins a key principle within the Clinical Governance, Safety and Quality Policy Framework; ensuring clinical staff have the right qualification and skills to provide safe, high quality health care; and to foster a culture of openness, collaboration and continuous improvement.

This Policy is a mandatory requirement under the Clinical Governance, Safety and Quality Policy Framework pursuant to section 26(2)(f) of the Health Services Act 2016. This Policy supersedes OD 0419/13 Assistant in Nursing Duties and Competencies.

Date of effect: 02 September 2022

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