Credentialing and Defining Scope of Clinical Practice Policy

Applicable to: Medical practitioners, registered nurses, endorsed midwives, allied health professions, HSP executives and administrative officers with responsibilities related to credentialing and defining clinical scope of practice.

Description: The purpose of this policy is to ensure health professionals are credentialed with a defined scope of clinical practice to support safe and high quality health care within the Western Australian public health system. The high level overarching policy outlines the minimum requirements of credentialing and defining scope of clinical practice for each health profession stream.

Each health profession stream will have their own standard within the 'related documents' section of this policy. The relevant profession stream will be responsible for updating, monitoring and compliance of the standard.

Attached related documents include the: 

  • Credentialing and Defining Scope of Clinical Practice for Medical Practitioners Standard 
  • Credentialing and Defining Scope of Clinical Practice for Nursing and Midwifery Standard 
  • Credentialing and Defining Scope of Clinical Practice for Allied Health Practitioners and Health Science Professions Standard
The System Manager needs to provide a consistent approach to credentialing and defining scope of practice across the WA health system. Embedded in this approach is a state-wide ICT application called CredWA. CredWA has enable increased clinical governance and patient safety across the WA health system as it supports workflow and information sharing at a state-wide level across medical practitioner, nurse practitioner and endorsed midwives credentialing.

Failure to establish a mandatory policy and individual health professions standard would result in high risks to the Department and HSPs Including fragmenting of credentialing processes, weakening of clinical governance and credentialing processes and loss of information sharing within the WA health system.


Type of Amendment Date of Effect Description of Amendment
Major Amendment 8 October 2019 Addition of Dental Practitioners Standard to section 3.2 of the Policy and associated Related Document, Dental Practitioners Standard.

Date of effect: 10 May 2018 to 10 May 2021

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