Medication Review Policy

Applicable to: Health Service Providers and contracted health entities that provide publicly funded inpatient care

Description: The Medication Review Policy mandates the minimum requirements for the review of patient's medication on presentation to hospital, during hospitalisation and prior to transition back into the community or transfer to other health care facilities. 

This policy mandates the implementation of the four standards of medication review: 

  • Medication Reconciliation of Admission
  • Medication Chart Review 
  • Provision of Medication Education to the Patient during Hospitalisation and on Discharge 
  • Medication Reconciliation (including medication liaison) at Discharge/Transfer of Care

Implementing the standards of this policy will reduce preventable medication-related adverse events and improve patient safety. 

This policy will supersede OD 0039/07 - Pharmaceutical Review Policy

Sections that have been updated include: 

  • Policy requirements 
  • Medication Review Reporting Requirements 
  • Best Practice Principles for Medication Review 
  • Inclusion of the WA Medication Reconciliation Audit Tool and Guidelines 

Date of effect: 26 February 2019

Policy Framework

Supporting information