Aboriginal Cultural eLearning Policy

Applicable to: This Policy is applicable systemwide (Health Service Providers and the Department of Health) .

Description: The purpose of the Aboriginal Cultural eLearning (ACeL) Policy (Policy) is to build the cultural knowledge of the WA health system workforce and strengthen its capacity to provide health care that is culturally respectful and non-discriminatory. ACeL training is one step towards improving the cultural effectiveness of the WA health system and its interaction with Aboriginal clients and colleagues.

The WA Aboriginal Health and Wellbeing Framework 2015-2030 (Framework) provides the guiding principles that underpin the requirement for this Policy. The Framework recognises a culturally respectful and non-discriminatory health system is a key strategic enabler for improving health outcomes for Aboriginal people. This Policy is also directly aligned to priority four of the WA Health Strategic Intent 2015-2020, which is Aboriginal Health Services.

This Policy demonstrates a whole-of-organisation approach and an ongoing commitment to grow and sustain a culturally responsive WA health system. 

This Policy is a mandatory requirement under the Employment Policy Framework and supersedes Operational Directive 0599/15 Aboriginal Cultural eLearning - ''A Healthier Future".

Date of effect: 06 September 2017 to 06 September 2018

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