Admission Policy - No Longer Applicable – Superseded by MP 0164/21 – 1 July 2021

Applicable to: Health Service Providers and Contracted Health Entities to the extent that this Policy forms part of their contract


Fundamental to the management of the WA health system is the way we capture and classify the details of the services we deliver to the Western Australian community - our activity. Information about the care we provide is used in many ways including ensuring that Health Service Providers are appropriately funded for the services they provide. Activity Based Funding and Management (ABF/ABM) is used to allocate resources to Health Service Providers, based on the activities, procedures and outputs they provide to clients.  Admitted activity data are also used to inform clinical research, performance reporting, health services planning, epidemiology, clinical governance, and to provide information to the Commonwealth, Parliament, the Minister for Health, other state government agencies and the media.

The National Health Reform Act 2011 requires Health Service Providers and the Department to accurately count, classify and report admitted activity data according to the Independent Hospital Pricing Authority specifications. 

The Admission Policy and the associated Reference Manual have been specifically designed to assist Health Service Providers and Contracted Health Entities to count, classify and report admitted activity correctly and to mitigate the risks associated with failing to do so.


Type of Amendment Date of Effect Description of Amendment
Major Amendment 6 August 2019 Policy title amended to replace the previous title, Admission, Readmission, Discharge and Transfer Policy. Refinement and consolidation of policy statements and terminology. Deletion of requirement for discharge summary. Related Document and Supporting Information also updated. See Document Control section of Policy for detail.
Major Amendment 10 July 2020  Major amendment to Related document Admission Policy Reference Manual. Document renamed to Admission Policy Reference Manual 2020-21. Subsequent changes made to related document:
  • Section 3.1 Qualification for admission – clarification of authorisation and documentation requirements 
  • Section 4.1 Same day admissions - corrections to medical admission criteria, removal of some procedure exclusions and new sections for short stay unit admissions 
  • Section 5.1 Care type – clarification of exclusions and documentation requirements
  • Section 5.3 Newborn Care – alignment with national data definitions and removal of qualified same day exclusion.
  • Section 5.5 Subacute Care – admission criteria provided specific to each subacute care type
  • Section 9.0 Leave – new sections for hospital leave and emergency attendances during leave
  • Section 11.0 Appendices – Appendix 3: Request to review same day non-admitted procedure status and Appendix 5: Admission policy reference manual query submission removed. Appendix 3: Emergency Department - Short Stay Admission Flowchart and Appendix 4: Classification of Newborn Admitted Care Guide included.

Minor amendment to update WA Health System Type B Admittable Procedures List and WA Health System Type C Non-Admitted Procedures List to reflect changes made to the Admission Policy Reference Manual 2020-2021.

Date of effect: 01 July 2017

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