Hospital Morbidity Data Reporting Cycle and Edit Protocol Policy - No Longer Applicable – Superseded by MP 0164/21 – 1 July 2021

Applicable to: This policy is applicable to relevant staff within those Health Service Providers and Contracted Health Entities that are required to provide inpatient data to the Hospital Morbidity Data Collection.

Description: Minor amendment to MP 0059 v.1.1, clarification of applicability at section 2, change in wording in last sentence of 3.2.1 point one, change to Data and Edit Schedule due date for return of edit validations to 13-Oct-17, correction to typographical error, updated hyperlinks, change to page 20 and 29 of Hospital Morbidity Data Reference Manual, changes to wording in the policy schedule at 3.3, revised version MP 0059/17 v.1.2

The objective of this policy is to outline the hospital morbidity inpatient data submission requirements and timeframes for all applicable Western Australian (WA) Health Service Providers (HSPs) and contracted entities. This policy also documents the process of inpatient data validation and how and when HSPs are required to correct, return and comment on submitted inpatient data to ensure data quality and integrity.

HSP adherence to this mandatory policy will ensure that WA Department of Health (DOH) meets all local and national data reporting requirements, particularly those legislated via National Health Reform Act 2011.

Date of effect: 24 May 2018 to 01 July 2020

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