Workforce Data Policy

Applicable to: Health Service Providers

Description:The purpose of the Workforce Data Policy is to ensure the integrity of the workforce data across the WA health system. This ensures statutory requirements are met and enables stakeholders to accurately profile, map, plan and manage the composition of the workforce.


Type of Amendment Date of Effect Description of Amendment
Minor Amendment 8 March 2019 Hyperlinks to related and supporting information documents within policy updated.
Minor Amendment 17 September 2019 Aboriginal standardised position information added to Request Form (Related Document) and Information Compendium (Supporting Information). 
Minor Amendment 13 January 2020 Minor amendment to the Workforce Data Policy Page to correctly list the Adding, Altering or Deleting a Health Position Title – Request Form under Related documents.
Minor Amendment 30 June 2020 Minor amendment to fix a broken hyperlink to the Workforce Data Policy Information Compendium under Supporting Information within the policy. 

Date of effect: 01 July 2018 to 30 June 2020

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