Digitisation and Disposal of Patient Records Policy

Applicable to: Department of Health, Metropolitan Health Service, WA Country Health Service, Peel Health Service

Description: The purpose of the policy is to provide comprehensive guidance on the digitisation and disposal of paper-based patient records (source records). This is achieved through best practice principles relating to the digitisation of source records and the ongoing management of the digitised copy. The policy also outlines the conditions under which WA Health may destroy source records after digitisation. Further guidance on meeting the requirements of the policy are provided in the Policy Toolkit. The Toolkit consists of five documents that expand on determining if the source records are eligible for digitisation and early disposal and outlines the technical standards, security protocols, quality assurance and metadata requirements pertaining to the digitisation of source records. The policy and Toolkit must be read in conjunction with WA Health Patient Information Retention and Disposal Schedule.

Date of effect: 22 December 2014 to 22 December 2019

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