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Policy framework statement

This Policy Framework is issued by the Department CEO pursuant to section 26 of the Health Services Act 2016.


Integrity, for the purpose of the Integrity Policy Framework, refers to the expected standards of conduct of staff which reflect honesty, accountability, transparency, impartiality and acting with care and diligence.

Integrity governance, for the purpose of the Integrity Policy Framework, refers to the formal arrangements by which an organisation establishes monitors and evaluates structures, systems and processes to promote a culture of integrity and appropriately respond to issues. Integrity governance structures include mechanisms to escalate risks to the peak governance body of the organisation for review and action.

The Integrity Policy Framework specifies the governance requirements to which all Health Service Providers must comply in order to ensure:

  • an effective and consistent approach to integrity governance across the WA health system
  • the management of integrity matters is consistent with regulatory, policy and legislative frameworks and the Australian Standards.

The WA Health Code of Conduct (Code) identifies the fundamental values of the WA health system, and translates these values into principles that guide staff members conduct in the workplace. The Code defines the standards of ethical and professional conduct and outlines the behaviours expected across the WA health system.

Legislative context

The following legislative instruments govern matters relevant to this Policy Framework:

  • Corruption, Crime and Misconduct Act 2003
  • Health Practitioner Regulation National Law (WA) Act 2010
  • Health Services Act 2016
  • Public Sector Management Act 1994 (and Regulations)

WA Government

  • Public Sector Commission Commissioner’s Instruction No. 7 – Code of Ethics
  • Public Sector Commission Commissioner’s Instruction No. 8 – Codes of conduct and integrity training
  • Public Sector Standards in Human Resources Management – Discipline
  • Public Sector Standards in Human Resources Management – Employment

Mandatory requirements

The following are mandatory requirements pursuant to this Policy Framework:

Health Service Providers must comply with the mandatory requirements of the Integrity Policy Framework. Compliance requirements are set out in each mandatory requirement.

Policy framework custodian

Assistant Director General
Assistant Director General, Strategy and Governance Division

Enquiries relating to this Policy Framework may be directed to:


Major amendments to this Policy Framework are tracked in the table below. For information relating to additional major amendments contact

Version Effective from Effective to Amendment(s)
1 25 March 2019 27 March 2019 Original version
2 27 March 2019  Current New MP 0105/19 Fraud and Corruption Control Policy
3 10 July 2019 Current New MP 0112/19 Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality Policy, MP 0113/19 Managing Conflicts of Interest Policy and MP 0114/19 Integrity Governance Policy published.


This Policy Framework has been approved and issued by the Director General of the Department of Health as the System Manager.

Approval byDr David Russell-Weisz, Director General, Department of Health
Approval date31 January 2019
Date published25 March 2019
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