Managing Conflicts of Interest Policy

Applicable to: Health Service Providers


To ensure a consistent approach to integrity governance and risks associated with conflicts of interest across the WA health system, and to ensure effective governance of conflicts of interest including the monitoring, evaluation and reporting. The Managing Conflicts of Interest Policy (the Policy) specifies the principles and minimum requirements with which Health Service Providers must comply.

In line with the Public Sector Code of Ethics and WA Health Code of Conduct, staff members are required to act with honesty and integrity and must:

  • avoid situations which may give rise to conflicts of interest
  • immediately declare any conflicts of interest or possible perception of conflicts of interest, including disclosure or personal or professional matters that may lead to actual or perceived conflicts of interest.

Conflicts of interest arise when a staff member’s official duty is directly affected or impacted by their personal or private interests.  Actual, perceived and potential conflicts of interest are not inherently unethical or wrong however they must be declared and managed.

Failure to declare conflicts of interest creates a risk that may undermine the public’s trust and confidence in the WA health system and may:

  • cause financial harm and loss
  • damage the culture within the WA health system and Health Service Providers
  • cause loss of confidence in the impartiality and honesty of staff members
  • present opportunities for misconduct, fraud or corruption.

Date of effect: 10 July 2019 to

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