Coroners Act 1996

Applicable to: Whole of WA Health

Description: Provides information regarding coronial processes and operation of the Coroners Act 1996. The purpose provided for OP2066/06 is still current.

Coroners Act 1996

This Information Circular replaces Operational Circular 2066/06 to reflect the introduction of the Death in Hospital Notification form and guidelines.

The aim of this Information Circular is to:

(a)   Remind WA Health officers of statutory reporting obligations under the Coroners Act 1996.
(b)   Encourage the whole of WA Health to give reasonable and timely assistance to Coroners and Coroner’s Investigators responsible for investigating ‘reportable deaths’ under the above Act.

This document is not intended to provide a comprehensive overview of the coronial process.  More detailed information is available on the Legal & Legislative Services web site accessible through Holii.  In particular, the web site contains information about human tissue donation, post-mortems and exhumations in coronial matters.

The web site also contains information on preparing witness statements and comprehensive medical reports for coronial investigations and appearing as a witness at Coronial Inquests.

This document is not intended to be, nor should it be relied upon as, a substitute for legal or other professional advice.   WA Health officers who are unsure of applicable legal obligations, should request legal advice tailored to the individual circumstances from Legal & Legislative Services.   Royal Perth Hospital, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Fremantle Hospital, King Edward Memorial Hospital and Princess Margaret Hospital may alternatively seek legal advice from the State Solicitor’s Office.


Suzanne Hillier

Date of effect: 14 February 2007 to 14 February 2009

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