Clinical Care of People With Mental Health Problems Who May Be At Risk of Becoming Violent or Aggressive Policy

Applicable to: Health Service Providers, Contracted Health Entities, Mental health clinicians, Clinicians in Emergency Departments and other non-mental health settings.


The policy relates to consumers of all ages who are under the care of public mental health services. It is applicable in some non-mental health settings such as Emergency Departments and general hospitals when a person has been accepted for care by a mental health service and there consequently exists a duty of care.

The purpose of this Policy is to guide Western Australian providers of public mental health care to provide evidence-informed clinical care for consumers with mental health problems at risk of becoming violent or aggressive. The policy is aimed at maximising consumers' safety, supporting their recovery and maximising the safety of others. It signals a shift in policy from an emphasis on risk to one of safety and recovery.


Type of Amendment Date of Effect Description of Amendment
Major Amendment 25 July 2019 Policy requirements amended: removal of requirement for Health Service Providers to develop local policy. Policy requirements also re-worded to improve readability. Other more minor amendments detailed in the Document control section of the policy.

Date of effect: 01 January 2019

Policy Framework

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