Requesting Transport Officers and WA Police Assistance in Transporting Mental Health Patients Policy

Applicable to: This policy is applicable to all Health Service Providers in the metropolitan area and WACHS (Bunbury Health Campus only).

Description: Minor amendment to original version, amendment to broken link, revised version MP 0063/17 v.1.1. 

All health services in WA are required to comply with the Mental Health Act 2014 and the Mental Health Regulations 2015. Individuals who are subject to Transport Orders (Form 4A) under the Mental Health Act 2014 may require Inter Hospital Patient Transport (IHPT) between Department of Health Metropolitan Hospital Sites (DoHMHSs), IHPT from DoHMHS to Bunbury Mental Health Service or transport from various locations in the metropolitan Community to a DoHMHS or to Bunbury Mental Health Service.

Use of the transport contracts HCNS 120214 and C06423 is mandated for DoHMHSs and optional for Fiona Stanley Hospital. The Department has made variations to the contracts to enable Mental Health Transport Order Transport Services to Health Service Providers (HSPs).

This policy is part of the Mental Health Policy Framework. 

This policy supersedes two Operational Directives (OD 0659/16 and OD 0664/16).

This policy is to be read in conjunction with: 

  • MP 0060/17 - Use of Physical and/or Mechanical Restraint during Road-based Transportation of Mental Health Patients Policy
  • IC 0179/14 - Guidelines for the Transmission of Personal Health Information by Facsimile Machine
  • MP 0010/16 - Patient Confidentiality Policy

Date of effect: 09 August 2017 to 09 August 2020

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