Performance Management Policy 2019-20

Applicable to: Health Service Providers


Under the Health Services Act 2016, the Department of Health, led by the Director General as the System Manager, is responsible for monitoring the performance of Health Service Providers and taking remedial action when performance does not meet expected standards of performance.

This Policy is a mandatory requirement under the Performance Policy Framework pursuant to section 26(2)(d) of the Health Services Act 2016. This Policy supersedes the Performance Management Policy 2018-19.

The annual Performance Management Policy (PMP) prescribes the performance management component of the Service Agreements. The PMP provides a transparent and integrated reporting, monitoring, evaluation and intervention process to support the achievement of expected standards of performance. The performance indicators in the PMP, included in Addendums 1-4, are aligned to the four priorities and seven enablers detailed in the WA Health Strategic Intent 2015-20.


Type of Amendment Date of Effect Description of Amendment
Major Amendment 14 October 2019 Addendum 1 - the performance indicator target for P2-26 and the target source for P2-14 has been amended. 
Addendum 2 - the financial targets have been updated to align to the current Service Agreement targets.
Major Amendment  20 December 2019 Addendum 1 - new performance indicators P4-3 and P2-22 have been added and P4-2 target amended.

Date of effect: 01 July 2019 to

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