Procurement Development and Management System Policy

Applicable to: Health Service Providers


The Procurement Development and Management System (PDMS) is a solution designed to support compliance with record keeping requirements, and promote adherence to relevant policy and process requirements when undertaking procurement and contract management. It further aims to provide accurate procurement activity information across the WA health system to support improved strategic decision making. The Office of the Chief Procurement Officer (OCPO) maintains the PDMS policy and system workflows. This Policy mandates the use of the PDMS by Health Service Providers when undertaking procurement and contract management. The requirements support transparency, accountability and informed decision making across the WA health system when undertaking procurement activity.


Type of Amendment Date of Effect Description of Amendment
Major Amendment 1 March 2017 Clarification on access and use of PDMS.
Major Amendment 5 October 2017 Expanded scope of exemptions from entering contracts onto PDMS for purchases under a WA health system standing contract/panel arrangement.
Major Amendment 3 January 2019 Change authorisation requirement for granting PDMS access to contractors from Tier 2B to Tier 3. Minor formatting and typographical corrections throughout.
Major Amendment 9 August 2019
  • Where thresholds are defined, boundary values are now aligned with the requirements for the higher threshold.
  • Details of supporting information amended to recognise provision of support and guidance through a range of different documents and formats, instead of specific documents. 
  • Addition of Integrity Statement. 
  • Policy no longer applies to Department of Health. Further minor amendments made to improve clarity and consistency throughout policy.
Major Amendment 16 December 2019  The threshold at which ICT procurement processes must be work-flowed through the PDMS has been raised from $20,000 to $50,000.

Date of effect: 05 October 2017

Policy Framework